Frequently Asked Questions


What does it cost to hit balls at MVP?

Ahhhhhhh the most infamous question we get on a regular basis. The cost of Tunnel rentals can vary by day, date & time. It’s a safe bet to assume that our standard rates are $30.00 per half hour and $50.00 per hour. Compared with other options we are moderately priced for the value that you, the customer, receive by choosing MVP.

Some tips on reducing our rates can be found on our ‘Packages’ link. (Click here for Packages)

Does MVP accept Credit Cards?

Yes! We accept all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards & of course, Cash.


Do you have batting cages?

Here at MVP we call them ‘Tunnels’, however, we DO have Batting Cages!

We have machine pitch (Iron Mike’s) for speeds of 40mph, 60mph and 80mph. In addition to those Tunnels, we also have 2 custom, over-sized Full Length Tunnels that can be utilized for numerous baseball needs including (but not limited to) Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, Team Practice and Instruction. On the other side of the building, we can accommodate your Softball needs. We have 2 full Softball Tunnels that can be utilized for Hitting, Pitching and Instruction. Are you just looking for a ‘Front Toss’ station? Well, we have that as well at it’s always stocked with balls, L Screen and Tee’s.

What are your Hours of Operation?

Monday – Friday:  2pm until 10pm
Saturdays:  8am until 10pm
Sundays:   8am until 6pm.
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Do you have Bats and Helmets to rent?

We have a full stock of Baseball & Softball Bats. We also have Helmets. Both of these products are a free service for our customers.

Can my child climb the poles that support your Tunnels?


OK then, can my child climb over the back of your couches to sit on them?


Is there somewhere for me to sit while my child is hitting or being trained?

Yes, we have a full lounge complete with couches, tables/chairs, 4 TV’s with surround sound and a fully stocked Snack Bar. You can also choose to sit right next to your child’s workout on our strategically placed benches behind each Tunnel.

Do you have the MLB TV Package going?

Are you kidding me??  Only ALL 30 MLB teams across four huge flat screen HD TV’s with a professional-quality sound system.  We love baseball & softball, we teach baseball & softball….so, yeah–we DEFINITELY watch and promote baseball and softball–come in and check us out!!!


Are you open to the public?

Yes, we are open during our normal operating hours.
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Can I host my child’s birthday party at MVP?

Absolutely! Please call us for details. Each package is much like a finger print. They are all different and built specifically just for you. We will give you advice on what we’ve seen be successful and also tell you the things that we’ve seen that don’t work so well. Regardless of the request, we can and would love to accommodate your every request. Give us a call to find out more details on Birthday Party packages. (Click here for Contacts)

Do you have Memberships?

Unfortunately, we do not have memberships at this time. We do, however, have numerous packages that you can pre-purchase to lower the cost of your regular visits. (Click here for a full list of our Packages)

Do you offer Private Instruction?

Our model was built on private instruction and we pride ourselves on this aspect of our business. We offer private instruction for all levels of age and athlete. Our instructors are consistently mentioned around town as the best in the industry and we feel extremely proud to have them on our staff. We appreciate that they chose our facility to follow out their baseball and softball passions of teaching the game. (Click for our list of Instructors)

Can I bring my team in for a practice?

You can absolutely bring in your entire team. Just call us ahead of time so that we can help you design your practice. We pride ourselves on helping coach’s get everything they can out of an indoor facility practice. We are here to help and we love our job. Let us help you. (Click here for Contacts page)

Still Have a question?

No Problem–just Send us a note or give a call!

You can send us an email at or

call directly during business hours at (916) 515 9218