MVP Strength & Conditioning

Our passion is undeniable and our purpose is simple: To ensure every athlete has the strength and conditioning required to succeed by enabling and inspiring them to rise up to their full potential.
How are you specifically improving your athletic performance??
The ability to move your body in one direction as fast and as efficiently as possible requires agility, ability, and discipline…and, that’s right, TRAINING!  Professional training!!
Is ‘quick’ a gene?  is it a fluke??….could it be a technique? Does improving you or your child’s ability to react and change your body position with a maximum rate of force interest you?

How good can you or your child become?? How hard will you work to find out?

Speed – Agility – Quickness – Reaction – Strength – Nutrition

Diondré DeVisscher – Professional Trainer

Diondré has been a professional trainer in the Sacramento area, specializing in speed, form, and footwork for over 6 years now. While in school studying Kinesiology, he began training with, and learning from Michael Ray Clark to gain adequate knowledge and experience while getting his NASM certification along the way. Growing up with a background competing in Soccer, Track and Field, and Boxing, he has make it his goal to help young athletes reach their full potential.

Running an elite performance program, Diondre has worked as a top fitness trainer for 10 local soccer clubs training their most competitive teams. With experience training over 500 athletes, Diondre has helped dozens of young players get college scholarships to division one schools. And most importantly, getting their educations paid for in the process.