Sports Performance

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Program Foundation

Athletics in general and specifically sports has been changing for some time now. What used to be a seasonal sport has become much more involved with kids starting early and ending late. Kids are asked to commit to high school teams, summer teams, and national showcases. We are asking more out of our young kid’s bodies and giving them less physical tools to work with. We are stressing their bodies more and more, without looking at whether or not they are physically prepared to withstand that stress…This is a problem.

Ultimately we’ve stopped looking at preparation and only at results and as consequently national injury statistics have been on the rise for some time. Our kids are sitting at school, sitting at home and out playing less. Because of this they have become weak and injury prone.

Program Goals

The goal of the training program is to provide our  athletes with the tools they need to succeed and give them the ability to maximize the talents they have.

Performance Gains-

Increased flexibility and mobility Increased strength and power
Increase linear and lateral speed

Understand the overlap of lifting biomechanics and baseball biomechanics

Injury prevention-

Resistance training that is designed to correct and maintain balance throughout the body

Increase flexibility and mobility around joints

Increase function at all joints

Create a culture Build work ethic

Health Gains-

Learn proper technique
Learn how the body is meant to function

Set the foundation for an active lifestyle

Learn what sports nutrition is!!